What You Can Learn About Business from a Stingy Irish Dance Teacher

My 6-year-old son is a dancer: He takes several ballet classes and a jazz class every week, and has done tap as well. (That's him at the Nutcracker rehearsal last year...sorry, I couldn't resist!) So when a local Irish dance studio did a demo at T's school and he asked to take lessons, I raced ...


Interview Sources We Love to Hate: Twitter Game Winners + Knee-Slapping Tweets!


So this week I ran another Twitter game. (You may remember that last week I did #killaqueryin5words.) This one was #sourcefromhellin5words, and the idea was that we writers would give five-word phrases that would make us want to never interview a source. Like: How much will you pay? Who else are you interviewing? Can I see the article? Is ...


Creating a Home Office That Works

Home Office That Works Cover-loresRGB

Where are you working right now? Is it at your dining room table, surrounded by dirty breakfast dishes? At your local Starbucks? In a well-appointed home office? Wherever you're working as a freelance writer...the space needs to work for you. And your home office is about more than physical space—you also need to think about your phone service ...


You asked for it & here it is: A mentoring package just for you!

No big fanfare here since my mentoring usually fills up pretty quick: I wanted to give you a heads-up that I have a new monthly mentoring package that includes three Skype calls, query and website critiques, email support, and a load of goodies. I'll be accepting five writers in September...and actually I already have one writer ...


Can You Kill a Query in 5 Words? Winners + Hilarious Tweets!


So the other day my husband Eric, who's the news editor over at BoardGameGeek, told me about a board game publisher that created fun Twitter games like #BoardGameBand, where tweeters would come up with fun mashups of board game titles and band names -- like "Frankie Goes to Hollywood Blockbuster" or "Dungeon Petzshop Boys." "Why don't ...