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How to Be Freaking Epic as a Freelance Writer

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I know what you want: To get more freelance writing jobs. And to earn good money doing what you love. And to enjoy the freedom that comes with controlling your own career.

That’s nice — but guess what? Editors don’t care what you want.

All editors care about is that you make their jobs — and their …… Click here to keep reading…

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Aug 19, 2014 Advice, Editors, Motivation

If You Don’t Read Magazines, Don’t Try to Write for Them

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The other day I was chatting with my Renegade Writer co-author, Diana Burrell, and she mentioned something that horrified me.

Diana teaches the fabulous Become an Idea Machine workshop that’s helped students land in the New York Times, Parenting, Success and other publications. She told me that more frequently than you would expect, she’ll suggest a …… Click here to keep reading…

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Aug 4, 2014 Advice, Marketing, Query letters, Rants

The Laziest Writer Ever? A Vent and a Lesson

Last spring a writer (let’s call her Jill) emailed me that she was pitching a profile of me to a UK writing magazine — and would I be available for an interview?

Here’s how the conversation went:


I’m interested in interviewing you for [magazine]. If you are agreeable, I’d need to ask you a few questions …… Click here to keep reading…

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Jul 22, 2014 Freelance writers, Motivation, Rants, Writing

I Reveal My 4 Greatest Screw-Ups as a Freelance Writer (AWK-ward!)

It can be scary to put yourself out there as a freelance writer.

“What if I screw up?” You ask yourself. “What if I make a mistake that ends my freelance career before it even starts?”

I have news for you: You will screw up. Royally.

But I promise you, it won’t be the end of your career. …… Click here to keep reading…

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Jul 8, 2014 Advice, Motivation, Personal yammerings

6 Smart Ways to Find Out if a Magazine Pays for Freelance Articles

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By Carol Tice

You’ve got a great story idea, and think you’ve found the perfect magazine to send it to. There’s only one problem: you have no idea if that magazine ever uses freelance writers — or if they do, if there’s any pay involved.

You could spend days developing this query — pre-interviewing sources and crafting …… Click here to keep reading…

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Jun 22, 2014 Advice, Money

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