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I’m into…personal development.
I’m into…food and drink.
I’m into…hot and steamy action.
I’m into…writing.

I’m into…personal development.

How to Do It All - High ResolutionYou want to live a full, fun life…and you’re not that into being like everyone else. Us, too!

You’ll love our books like How to Do It All: The Revolutionary Plan to Create a Full, Meaningful Life — While Only Occasionally Wanting to Poke Your Eyes Out With a Sharpie; Commit: How to Blast Through Problems & Reach Your Goals Through Massive Action; and The Crackpot Code (all available in the Renegade Writer Press Store).

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I’m into…food and drink.

Money Shots - Em Dash - High ResolutionWe’re glad you like food and drink, because without it we’d be dead. Right now we’re working on Money Shots: How to Save Cash on Your Coffee Habit—While Still Feeling Full & Satisfied, which will be released around Labor Day 2016. (More info on this book in the Renegade Writer Press Store.) And we have lots more in mind…like a great idea for a cheesecake calendar you won’t want to hang in your kitchen!

For more info on our food-related releases, join our update list below.* Right now this list is all about the coffee book, but when we add other foodie titles, you’ll learn about them here as well.

I’m into…hot and steamy action.

TheHappiestEndingCoverYou want smut that’s smart: Plot-driven stories with some humor woven in.

Lucky you, we have two books already under our That’s What She Said Press erotica imprint that will have you wanting to rip your own bodice (in a good way): Getting In and The Happiest Ending. (Both are available at the That’s What She Said Press Store.) Our authors respect their reader and know that, to her, solid writing is as important as hot, sweaty sex scenes.

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I’m into…writing.

Rock Solid QueriesYou’re an aspiring or freelance writer. And you’re also the luckiest of the bunch because right now we have more goodies for writers than anyone else, all of which will help you live and love the freelance life…on your own terms. There’s a reason we’re called “Renegade”!

First, check out our classic books The Renegade Writer and The Renegade Writer’s Query Letters That Rock, and maybe try out Write Your Way Out of the Rat Race…And Step Into a Career You Love, Rock-Solid Queries, Become a Confident Freelance Writer, and our checklists, course, and even a meditation just for you! All of these can be found in our Renegade Writer Press Store.

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Yes, we still have our Renegade Writer Blog with over 1,000 posts on all aspects of freelance writing—from how to find the best markets to pitch to how to generate ideas that sell. You can find the blog here.

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