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Why You Should Believe the Impossible


"To believe a thing impossible is to make it so." --French Proverb A short while ago I wrote a guest post for Copyblogger on how to earn $250 per hour. It got an amazing response from readers. Except... ...for one reader who thought I was selling writers a false bill of goods by suggesting they could possibly earn ...

escapes ... (86/365)

Stuck writing for the content mills and struggling to pay your bills? Yeah, you and a TON of other writers! Content mill owners and misinformed writers have been spreading the word that if you want to make a living as a freelance writer, you need to start out by writing for cheap-o content mills, bidding sites, ...

query letters that rock

You know what Linda and I hear from freelancers a lot? "I wish you two had written a follow-up book to The Renegade Writer." When we hear this, it drives us a little batsh*t crazy. Here's why. We did. Years ago. It's called The Renegade Writer's Query Letters That Rock. And here's a little secret: It's even better than The ...


How Dissing a Bowlful of Marbles Can Help You Love Your Life


It all started with a bowlful of marbles. For years I wrote for many of the major women's and health magazines -- Woman's Day, Health, Family Circle, Oxygen, Fitness, Woman's Health, Redbook, and more. And part of my job was to always be researching my markets, so I read a LOT of these magazines every week. It ...


I've been working on a new e-book called Control: Take Charge and Live the Life YOU Want, and this essay grew out of one of the chapters I've been writing. This book won't be out for a while because, well, I just started it...but if you want to read something great, check out my top-rated ...