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Hilarious send-up of Giles Coren controversy

(I blogged about this earlier tonight on Hail Britannia, but since it’s writing-related, I figured it belonged here, too.)

Remember the rant British restaurant reviewer Giles Coren sent to his editors about an indefinite article that was removed from his copy? It’s here. Be sure you should read it before you watch this hilarious piece of satire. [db]

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Oct 7, 2008 Ass, Editors, Rants

4 Responses

  1. Anne says:

    And this mash-up was made by a freelance writer. A renegade one, clearly.

  2. Katt says:

    I’ve got to tell you, I didn’t just laugh, I howled! The kids came in to make sure I wasn’t crying, I laughed so hard.
    I’ve also been getting a kick out of the emails as well, Coren was totally over the top, but I can understand his point. I noticed that in the email from the paper, no one actually took responsibility for changing the copy. They just told him to watch his language. In politics, that is called a non-answer.

  3. bonnjill says:

    See, I saw this last night but it was a take-off on Twitter ( As a translator you learn not to get too attached to your work. Four people can read a text and always find something to change. And after all, the customer is always right.

  4. […] 5) Because I’m a geeky writer and I so very much appreciate it when other people (that is, people besides me) publicly lose their shit, I’m including this link to the original Giles Coren rant and a video satire. […]

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