Gist: A Cool Tool for Freelancers

I recently read a great post by writer Thursday Bram called Why Writers Need CRM and Why I Use Gist. Gist is a free online contact management tool that’s in beta now. It can import your contacts from your e-mail applications, LinkedIn, FaceBook, Twitter, and more.

What’s really neat about Gist is that it brings together everything you could want to know about your editors: Their blog posts and Twitter posts, media mentions, and even their photos. So if you want to query an editor, you can look her up in your contact list and see what she’s been up to. For example, you might see that an editor of yours has recently been promoted, or has blogged for her magazine. This is invaluable information to help you target your pitches.

For full details, check out Thursday Bram’s post. I just started using Gist based on Thursday’s recommendation and I’m thoroughly impressed. Try it yourself! [lf]

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  • I recently signed up for Gist and while it looks like a very cool program, I admit I have not begun to take advantage of the program. I am looking forward to utilizing the program very soon.


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