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4 Blog Posts That Kick Butt

I read a lot of writer blogs, and every so often I like to share my top finds with my readers. So here goes!

1. Kelly James Enger posts The State of Full-Time Freelancers’ Income on the Dollars & Deadlines blog. The good news: 7% of freelancers make six figures.

2. My buddy and Freelance Writers Blast Off co-host Carol Tice had a great guest post on Copyblogger called 12 Ways to Turn Your Old, Dusty Blog Archive into Cold, Hard Cash. I think I’m going to do some of these!

3. I love this post from Susan Johnston of The Urban Muse on 5 Lame Excuses from Late-Paying Clients—and How to Respond. Susan shares what she’d like to say to these pikers — and what she actually does say. Funny!

4. Moving? On the Diary of a Mad Freelancer Blog, P.S. Jones writes New Phone Numbers and Old Contacts, about her tactics for keeping her clients in the loop whenever her contact information changes. Good plan. [lf]


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Jul 21, 2011 Advice, Blogging

5 Responses

  1. Ronald Sieber says:


    Thanks for sharing the stats. Heartening numbers, and targets to shoot for as well. And Johnston’s tips were a fun read as well.

    All the best from Durham!

  2. Carol Tice says:

    Hey, just noticed your link! Like Eeyore says, thanks for noticin’ me…

  3. Thanks so much for the mention, Linda…RW is one of my fave blogs, too. :)

  4. Hey, thanks for mentioning me, Linda!

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