Last Chance to Join the Freelance Writers Den!

If you’ve been interested in joining Carol Tice’s Freelance Writers Den — which includes goodies ranging from an active forum to a job board to free webinars — the time is now. The doors close next Friday, Oct. 28. (Full disclosure: That’s my affiliate link.) I think Carol has as many members as she can handle right now! And she’s a real ball of fire, so that’s saying a lot.

For anybody who’s not in the Den by then, the only way to gain Den access in November will be to sign up for the $97 bootcamp How to Make Good Money Writing Online (which I’ll be presenting at, by the way). Here’s the bootcamp outline.

Hope to see you in the Den!

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  • Linda,
    I want to join the Den but am curious about the payment. If I join today, will my next payment come due on November 22, 2011? Since we can “unjoin” at anytime (from what I read on Carol’s site), do we may our payments each month or are the funds atomatically withdrawn? I have to be very careful with funds and need to know exactly how this will work. However, I feel that the Den is a resource I cannot pass up.

  • Hi Joni —

    When you join the Den, you set up a payment profile and the day you join is your anniversary date. Then each month you stay in the Den, on that date, Paypal will automatically charge your account. This is pretty much how all the online membership communities work.

    If you cancel any time before that date, your membership becomes inactive on the day you cancel payments, and payments cease to be collected. I know some people have had bad experiences with Paypal, but know that I am personally doing all the administration for the site, and if you have a problem of any kind I’m happy to straighten it out for you.

    Some members are seeing great results promoting the Den as affiliates and earning commissions to make their membership free. More about that here:

  • Thank both of you ladies so much! Ya’ll are very quick to reply. A sure sign of Professionals!
    Take care,

  • I signed up to join last night. Just in the nick of time! 🙂 I can’t wait to participate; I know it’s going to be a treasure trove of information that will help make my career transition a LOT smoother.

  • Look forward to seeing you there, Joni and Krissy!

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