You Ask, I Answer: How Can I Find Niche Markets?

Johanna asks: I am a green living writer, but have never written for magazines. How do I find enough magazines that are in that niche to whom I can send queries? I have searched the web with very little success, plus stood in book stores looking at their magazines and have only come up with a handful. There must be many more of which I’m not aware.

That’s a great question, and one I think a lot of writers struggle with. You have a niche — but you can’t find a lot of markets that cater to that niche.

The good news is that you don’t have to pitch only magazines that specifically target that niche. If you spin your ideas the right way, there are tons of markets you could write for.

For example, your niche is green living. Why limit yourself to the green living magazines? Many, many markets would be interested in articles on this topic. For example:

  • For the women’s magazines you could pitch an article on surprising green cleaning products and techniques.
  • For websites that focus on finances and saving money, how about an article on new ways to save energy — and lower your heating and electricity bills?
  • For a pet magazine: An environmentally friendly gift guide for dog lovers.

You get the idea!

This tactic works with many niches — finance, pets, health, and so on. Don’t look only to the finance, pet, and health magazines and websites — consider other markets that would run various slants on your niche topic. Think of how many more opportunities you’ll have to land assignments if you do this!

How about you…have you made it a habit to find non-niche markets for your niche topics? Post your experiences and tips in the Comments below! [lf]

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