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Changes at The Renegade Writer — Which Will Kick Your A$$!

Hi, Renegades! I wanted to let you know that I’m changing some of my Renegade Writer offerings and also the way I work.

Let me preface this by telling you about a conversation I had recently with a well-known copywriter. It’s a bit long, but don’t worry — I’m going somewhere with this!

This writer told me there’s a problem with unscrupulous marketers who target the “bizopp” market — an audience of people who are looking to earn big fast through various prepackaged business opportunities.

The bizopp audience is very sought after by some marketers because these people tend to buy lots of products that purport to teach them how to get rich quick, but they don’t do any of the work — which means the marketer gets the money without any of the hassle of actually, you know, dealing with their customers.

Teaching people how to make money writing is a perfect scheme for the bizopp marketer, because writing is such an attractive career. Who doesn’t want to work at home and make money doing something they love?

And many people don’t realize how much work goes into it — especially because the marketers have these really long sales pages, rife with highlights and bold print, telling aspiring writers how they can make a beaucoup cash writing simple sales letters or whatever. So the aspiring millionaire writers buy the e-book or the e-course that will teach them to do this — and when they find out how much effort it involves, they disappear. Score one for the marketers!

In a word: Ugh.

My goal is to work with people who are serious about writing. I want to help writers who will put in the sweat equity to create a business of writing — not just a hobby, and not just an unfulfilled dream. I want writers who will make me work!

So the point of the story is that I’m making some changes to my offerings to attract writers who are willing to do the work it takes to build a sustainable business — and to really kick the asses of the writers who work with me (in a good way, of course!) by keeping them highly motivated and accountable.

Changes to the Write for Magazines E-Course

For years, Write for Magazines was an 8-week e-course. But I’ve found that (1) it can be hard for writers to sustain interest in writing a query letter for eight whole weeks, and (2) it shouldn’t take eight weeks to write a query letter!

I originally designed the course to give aspiring writers — many of whom have day jobs — plenty of time to get the assignments done. But really, whether you have a 9-5 or not, if you want to become a freelance writer, you’ll need to write pitches much faster than that.

So starting with the January 6 session, Write for Magazines will be a 4-week class.

All of the lessons are still there, from generating a salable idea to writing a kick-butt query letter — we’ll just be doing the assignments at a brisker (and more realistic) pace. I’ll be sending out lessons on Sunday and Wednesday, and critiquing assignments and answering questions (for those students taking the Premium class with email support) on Monday and Thursday.

This means I’ll be asking more from you — but also that you’ll have a great query to send to editors at your dream publications in half the time! The faster you can write queries, the more you can send out — and the better your chances of landing assignments.

Also, an exciting addition: I’ll be adding two 45-minute group calls to the course. One will be the Thursday before the class starts, and the other will be the Monday after the class ends — and everyone is invited to attend, in both the Premium and the Basic versions of the class.

In the first call, I’ll be offering motivation, giving advice, and telling you what to expect during the class, and I’ll also take questions from callers. The second call will be a debriefing where I wrap up the class and take final questions.

The next session starts on January 6, 2013. Students of mine have broken into magazines like GRIT, Blue Water Sailing, Flight Journal, SELF, Spiritualty & Health, Yankee, Cottage Living, and many other magazines. Most recently, a student landed her first national assignment — from Women’s Health! Here’s a testimonial from her:

I’ve been a fan of Linda’s forever, and knew in order to take my freelance writing career to the next level, her Write for Magazines eCourse would be my ticket. The eCourse was just as insightful as I knew it would be, and Linda’s guidance has not only helped me earn my first national clip in Women’s Health, but has boosted my confidence level as a writer. I no longer feel panicked about writing queries and pitching to top editors, and that alone is worth every penny.
—Krissy Brady, Krissy Media Ink

Check out the testimonials, download the FAQ, and sign up here. I limit the Premium version to 12 students because I put so much effort into assignment critiques — so don’t wait!

Changes to my phone mentoring

My phone mentoring clients tell me I’m a real motivator. I love this — and if you check out the many testimonials on my mentoring page, you’ll see my clients love it too! Take this testimonial I got just last week, for example:

Just wanted to check in and tell you how much I appreciate what I learned from our phone mentoring sessions! The practical tips you shared have helped tip me over the edge and into paying writing gigs. I might not be a household name, but my writing is now my main source of income.
—Jenny Schermerhorn

And this one:

In just a half hour session, Linda distilled years of information in a way that was instantly accessible. I started getting paying assignments in just ten days after following through on just one of many suggestions! Although I am a seasoned writer and have had my name in print, getting insider tips from someone in the know is invaluable.
— Yael Grauer

And now I want to accelerate my clients’ progress even more by being less tolerant of excuses. So if you don’t complete the assignments you committed to, you can expect more pushback from me — and expect that whatever roadblocks you encountered will be the focus of our coaching until you’re able to move past them.

Also, in the past I’ve been pretty lenient about letting clients use their three sessions whenever they wanted. But one of the benefits of coaching is that you gain momentum over the time we work together. If three months pass between sessions, most of that momentum is lost and you’re starting from scratch.

So my new policy is that you need to use your three sessions within six weeks.

If these new changes make you feel all fired up and wanting to work your heinie off to really make it as a freelance writer — I want to work with you! I have two spaces open for November. Please check out the Renegade Writer mentoring page or email me to get started.

On another note: I’m outta here! :)

FYI, I’ll be on a much-needed vacation in Europe from October 12-24, and won’t have access to email. If you need something right away, such as you bought one of my e-books and the download didn’t come through, please email my assistant, Theresa Hogan, at Theresa [at] virtuallydetailed [dot] com.

I have some really great guest posts going up while I’m away. Theresa will be checking for new comments once a day, so please forgive us if your comment doesn’t go up on the blog right away. I always value your insights and comments!

Thanks for reading The Renegade Writer Blog. I look forward to helping you become a well-paid freelance writer! [lf]

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  1. Tania Dakka says:

    You go, woman! Have an AWESOME trip and don’t DARE come back without some killer pics! Oh! And congrats on the new direction of the Renegade!

  2. Have a great trip Linda – you deserve it! Thanks again for all of your help. I wouldn’t be where I am in my writing career without your fabulousness. :0)

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