Want to Write Your Way Out of the Rat Race? I’ll Show You How

New cubicleBy Linda Formichelli

I am so excited to let you know that I’m working on a Premium e-course called Write Your Way Out of the Rat Race, to launch in May or June.

I’m hoping this course will help motivated, passionate writers — especially those with 9-5 jobs who want to escape the rat race, and stay-at-home parents who don’t want to go back to the old grind — step into a new career as a successful freelance writer.

This class will include lessons and assignments on writing a killer query letter that gets results — plus forum participation, weekly videos (on topics like writing LOIs and handling rejection), group calls, free e-books, and extra resources, not to mention even more accountability from me — a 16-year veteran of the freelance writing business and experienced teacher and coach.

My vision is that every student who takes this new course will have everything they need — from information to real-life practice to confidence — to leap into a career they love and leave the rat race behind.

My current Write for Magazines e-course will have its last hurrah in April, when I run the final session before launching the new, premium e-course. I discovered through research and talking with my writing coach that I’ve been way undercharging for Write for Magazines, so if you’re interested in getting into this last session at a low price, check out the e-course page today. Students have landed assignments in magazines ranging from Redbook to Yankee, so it’s a real bargain!

I’ll be sending more information on Write Your Way Out of the Rat Race as I develop it, so if you’re interested, please join the Renegade Writer email list.

I look forward to working with you and helping you reach your freelance writing dreams!

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  • Good luck with your new course! May you attract many motivated students who will do the work and use the class to its full potential!

    • Thanks! A TON of people are interested, which kind of surprised me given the price point is so much higher.

  • Saul

    All the best. It’s a great idea. I want everyone to escape the world of work. It’s not natural.

  • Hi Linda,

    Thank you for your daily motivation that you keep sending without fail, day after day. I love to read it daily.

    A few days ago, when you wrote about the beta book ”Write Your Way Out of the Rat Race” and that we could get it, I was typing an email on my phone when I got your email. I was about to go online and answer the survey when I got another email from you that the 50 seats for the book were done. That I thought was bad luck for me.

    Now, when I saw today that you are keeping a dirt cheap price for your book at 1.5 USD for a few days, I feel I can still get it when it’s out. So, here’s another thank you for you from a poor guy’s heart! 🙂

    Is it a PDF or a Kindle edition?

    I had to quit the Den membership till I make some money, but your as well as Carol’s blog is still there for me to get ideas from, and this is how I just started my writer site and blog. Hope to make good progress with it in the coming weeks.

    Raspal from India.

    • I’m glad that price will work for you! My plan is to launch it as a Kindle book and add PDF later, but that may change. The thing is, if you want to get all the goodies Amazon offers for Kindle authors, you have to agree to sell the book ONLY on Kindle for 90 days.

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