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The Freelance Writers Blast Off Is Back–At a Ridiculously Low Price!

blastoffaudit_320x320_bannerIf you wanted to join the last session of the Freelance Writers Blast Off class by Carol Tice and yours truly, but the price point ($297) was too high for you—you’re in luck, because we’re offering an Audit of the class for just $47!

Here’s what you’ll learn through podcasts, webinar recordings, resource guides, and more:

  • Week 1: Matching interests to markets. Listen in as we coach more than a dozen writers on how to find your best opportunities in the marketplace.
  • Week 2: Elements of an excellent writer website. Watch as we review writer’s websites and demonstrate the features that make sites attract great clients who want to hire you.
  • Week 3: All about markets. In this Webinar, we’ll discuss all of the types of writing gigs available – including the hidden publication markets you never see on the newsstand.
  • BONUS: Online markets training. Learn how to create slideshows and blog posts that go viral, and find lucrative brand journalism projects in this 30-minute Webinar.
  • Week 4: Queries and letters of introduction. We’ll provide tips for grabbing editors’ attention and getting the sale with query letters and letters of introduction in this 1-hour teleclass.
  • BONUS: Story Idea Lab. Listen in on a 1-hour podcast in which we discuss our techniques for finding and developing story ideas that sell.
  • Week 5: Smart marketing. In this Webinar, you’ll get a primer on all of the marketing strategies that get good results, and come up with a plan for how you will promote your writing.
  • Week 6: Managing your freelance writing business. In our final class, we’ll talk time management, money management, how to negotiate rates – all the nuts and bolts of maximizing your earnings.

And here’s what you’ll get (for only $47!):

  • 7 hours of training Webinars and podcasts covering every aspect of how to move your career forward
  • 5 hours of Q&A session recordings that answer writers’ most pressing questions on each topic
  • Complete transcripts of all trainings and Q&A sessions
  • Immediate access to all materials, to give you ultimate flexibility in studying at your own pace
  • More than 180 pages of worksheets, tips, resource links and transcripts for freelance success
  • A bonus, 1-hour “Story Idea Lab” podcast on how to develop story ideas that sell
  • New! Bonus “Online markets training” from Carol on how to create viral blog posts and slideshows
  • The option to join the Freelance Writers Den right now and use our exclusive Blast Off forum to post homework, get feedback – get your questions answered. We will support the Audit in the Den for six weeks of class time.

This is what one previous student had to say about the Blast Off:

“Starting a career from scratch as a freelance writer without formal training in marketing or journalism feels like cliff-diving while you still need water wings. Since taking the class, I’ve gained one client and upgraded another from a $100-a-month blog gig to a contract for three features at $1,000 each. My new website was noticed immediately. Financial return: 1,600%. Confidence dividends: Priceless.”
-Christy Corp-Minamiji, Vet-Writer.

Signups for this class are going through Tuesday, June 18 — so don’t wait! Check out the details, read more testimonials, and sign up here.

Thanks so much, and I look forward to seeing you in the class!

Jun 17, 2013 Classes

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  1. Hello!

    I was just on my mastermind call (a lifesaver!) and your site was mentioned.

    I don’t understand the difference between the class and what you’re offering here. Is it because the class is live?

    Clarification appreciated. ~ darlene :)

    • Hi, Darlene! Yes, the $297 version of the class includes live webinars and Q&As where we critique websites, give individual advice on niches, and answer questions. For the $47 version, you get recordings of all this, and if you join the Den ($25/month) you also get help from us on the forum. I hope that helps!

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