What to Do When You’re Not Someone Else

How To Do It All - DraftsHow’s this for meta: Today’s post is from today’s Monday Motivation email, which in turn is from an excerpt from my upcoming book. Crazy, right?



Today’s Monday Motivation is an excerpt from my new book How to Do It All: The Revolutionary 12-Month Plan to Create a Full, Meaningful Life — While Only Occasionally Wanting to Poke Your Eyes out with a Sharpie. (Cover prototypes here on the left!)

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And now, on to today’s Motivation:

Excuse: “I’m Not You.”

I find it really interesting when people tell me, “Well, sure, it’s easy for you to travel: You’re self employed and have only one kid.” Or “It must be nice to be able to get manicures and highlights, and buy nice clothes. But I have a big mortgage and college tuition to pay for.”

Then you get the “think-of-the-children!” types who say it’s easy for someone to spout off about doing it all when they live in a first world country with running water and no one is trying to shoot them.

As I mentioned, this book is not aimed at dirt-poor populations in war-torn countries. This book is aimed at you. If you have the money and time to buy and read this book, you are one of the privileged ones. You are among the richest people on earth! And if you think the reason you’re not doing the things that bring you the most fulfillment is because you have one too many kids, one too few partners, or not exactly the right amount of time or money, you are bullshitting yourself.

Let me tell you: We all have crap in our lives. Just about everyone who lives a kick-ass D-I-A life has had to make sacrifices or work through some sort of issue, whether it’s physical or emotional. Last year, the year that inspired this book, I underwent a back surgery that was not the most successful and that left me in severe pain for months. In Tokyo, I had to jerry-rig a heating pad and an ice pack using gallon-size zip-lock bags, and I had to dope myself up for the flight home because the pain was so intense. Also, because we choose to carry cheap insurance, my husband and I were on the hook for $20,000 in medical costs. And yet we ran businesses, traveled, and generally had an amazing time.

This book is meant for women, but I have to give you a non-lady example because this dude is pretty darn awesome: Jon Morrow made a fortune in real estate before starting an immensely popular blog called Boost Blog Traffic. He lives in a beach house in Mexico and speaks professionally at events for bloggers and entrepreneurs.

“Well, duh!” you say “He’s single, childless, and loaded.”

He also can’t move from the neck down.

Jon was born with Spinal Muscular Atrophy and gradually lost the use of his body. Now, he’s one of the oldest people on the planet with his type of SMA.

In a post on Problogger, he writes:

“I know it’s horribly cliché, but if I can quit my job, risk the government carting me off to a nursing home because I can’t afford my own healthcare, convince my poor mother to abandon her career and drive my crippled butt 3,000 miles to a foreign country, and then make enough money to support myself, my mother, my father, and an entire nursing staff using nothing but my voice, then what can you accomplish if you really set your mind to it?”

We all have our problems, but we also all have our superpowers. To throw up your hands and give up on your dreams because the universe hasn’t lined up events exactly the way you feel they must be in order for you to have a go at it — well, I call B.S. It’s an excuse.

When you see someone doing all the things you want to do, don’t pick apart their lives to figure out what makes them so different from you that they can do these things and you can’t. Use them as inspiration and figure out how you can make it happen as well.

Happy Monday…I hope you have a great week!

Linda Formichelli
Renegade Writer Press

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