Looking for the Renegade Writer Blog?

rwpblogbookcover-forweb5The Renegade Writer Blog is no more…except that it’s now an e-book!

The book is called The Renegade Writer OMNIBUS: Best of the Renegade Writer Blog 2006-2016, and you can get your copy right here.buytheblog

The Renegade Writer OMNIBUS contains just about every post we’ve ever written or commissioned. This super valuable resource is over 1,400 pages long, but priced the same as a regular e-book! You’ll find all your fan favorites, like:

  • Why You’re Worth More Than a Penny Per Word
  • How to Write an Article
  • Interviews with David Allen (author of Getting Things Done), Laura Vanderkam (author of 168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think), Stephen Guise (author of Mini Habits), Lori Deschene (founder of Tiny Buddha), Dan Baum (former staff writer for The New Yorker), Peter Shankman (founder of Help a Reporter Out), and more.
  • The Story of How I Went from Broke Wannabe Writer to Living the Freelance Life
  • A Hidden Market for Freelance Writers
  • Why I killed my social media accounts (+ why you may want to too…and what to do instead)
  • How to Get the Most Out of an Interview
  • 8 Ways to Land New Writing Assignments (Not Just Queries!)
  • What Freelance Writers Should Do When They’re Desperate
  • No, Freelance Writer, You DON’T Need a Blog
  • How to Find the Best Sources
  • Clips 101: What They Are (and Aren’t), How to Get Them, and How to Make The Most of Your Clips
  • No Clips? Here Are 6 Ways to Convince an Editor to Hire You Anyway
  • And many, MANY more!

The insider info we share in this book will help you land more freelance writing jobs and earn more as a freelance writer.



Important Notes About the Book

Before you plunk down your hard-earned cash on this book, please read these notes:

  1. We formatted the book so that the posts are in chronological order, to be a true-as-can-be archive of this valuable resource that lasted 10 years. When you read through it, you’ll be amazed at how much freelance writing, blogging, and the writing industry have changed since Linda and Diana started freelance writing in 1997. (Hint: In the early years of the blog, you’ll find lots of mentions of faxing pitches, buying analog recorders and postal scales, and why you shouldn’t use online-only articles as clips.)
  2. Most of the links have been stripped from the book. That’s because many of them pointed back to our own blog, which of course is now gone. And since we have posts going back to 2006, many links were dead. If we point out a particular book, concept, business, or product you want to know more about, you can use Google to find them.
  3. This book is as close to the original blog as possible. We had the posts reformatted to look nice in book form, removed images, corrected egregious errors, removed posts that were only marketing a class (plus a few others that didn’t work well in book form), deleted the few guest posts where we weren’t able to secure reprint rights, and updated guest posters’ bios if they asked us to do that. But other than that, The Renegade Writer OMNIBUS is a faithful replication of the blog.

Why We Did It

We know, we know…the Renegade Writer blog has been a staple must-read of freelance writers since 2006, and contains enough free information to keep you reading non-stop for a year. Everything we’ve learned, the hard way, about freelance writing over our two decades of experience was on that blog. What gives?

With our baby business, Renegade Writer Press, and its imprint That’s What She Said Press, we’re going in a whole new direction. While of course we have many books and other products for writers, we’re now also putting out books that appeal to a broader readership. With that comes a brand new learning curve, plus lots of crazy work and expense.

buytheblogYou’re probably asking, “So why not just leave the blog there and stop updating it?” But a blog of that size — 1,000+ posts, with thousands of comments, thousands of links, plugins, updates, and more — takes a lot of time and expense on the back-end, even to just to maintain, and we need to divert our energy and funds to this new business.

If you’re still interested in our products for writers (or any of the other genres we’re publishing in at the moment: food, erotica, and personal development) please head over here and sign up for one or more of our update lists. That way, you’ll be the first to know when, for example, we have a new book for writers coming out. (And in fact, we’re working on a new/old writing book now! This will make more sense later. 🙂

Thanks so much for being a loyal reader of the blog throughout the years. We hope you enjoy The Renegade Writer OMNIBUS: Best of the Renegade Writer Blog 2006-2016, and that you’ll stick with us on the rest of our journey. We’ll be thrilled to have you along!

Linda & Diana