Money Shots

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The media is waging war on your daily coffee fix — in the name of the almighty dollar!

If you’re looking to save money, one of the first tips you’ll find in any blog post or magazine article is to cut out your daily coffee run.

And this isn’t isn’t bad advice: You’ll save $1,040 per year if you ditch the $4 before-work cappuccinos. That’s a lot of cash! (Not to mention you’ll be sparing the environment by not tossing 260 cups into the landfill.) If you buy two cups per day, as many do — one before work and one to keep you from passing out at your desk — you can double the savings to $2,080.

But if you take the time-worn advice to cut out coffee shop visits to save money, you’ll also feel resentful, and that’s something the blogs and magazines don’t address. They somehow expect us to go through the day either java-free, or toting around a travel mug full of crappy homemade brew after we’ve been spoiled by the delicious, creamy coffee drinks from our local coffee houses.

However, you can have the best of both worlds: Luscious, gourmet coffee that tastes like the el-expensivo café drinks but costs practically nothing. We’ll tell you how.

Money Shots: How to Save Cash on Your Coffee Habit — While Still Feeling Full & Satisfied will give you the scoop on:

  • Why you should skip the pricey café drinks and start brewing your own coffee at home.
  • Buying coffee on the cheap…and how to store it if you buy in bulk.
  • Making cheap coffee taste better.
  • Which is less expensive: Whole beans or ground.
  • How to regrind ground coffee, reuse coffee grounds, and brew cheaply using most common (and some uncommon) methods.
  • How to make your home brews taste like a real treat with syrups, toppings, milk alternatives, and other goodies.
  • How investing in expensive equipment and beans can still save you money.
  • Inexpensive tools that let you create the best java at home.
  • Recipes that replicate your favorite flavored syrups and coffee-store drinks.
  • How to save cash even if you want to keep up your daily coffee shop runs.
  • And much, much more!


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