Media Kit (Not Boring)

Since we’ve been journalists for a long time, we’ve been on the receiving end of lots and lots of snooze-worthy media kits: Press release about your fourth-quarter profits—check. Over-staged head shot of business owner shaking hands with a “client” — check. Q&A with questions like “Please tell us why your Bluetooth-enabled peach defuzzer is so amazing” — double check.

We don’t like to bore people. Our book marketing lady (Hi, Kim!) asked us to include a press release, a Q&A, quotes from the book, sharable images, and head shots — but she’s smart and she demanded non-lame versions of these. You’ll also find some quirky graphics to use in your publication or on your website, and calculations on what you could buy if you saved your cash instead of dropping it on a $4 latte every day.

Download your media kit here. Enjoy!