How We Can Help You

Thanks so much for visiting the Renegade Writer Press website!

We’re super excited and busy working on some new products that will help you succeed at freelance writing — and life in general. In fact, we plan to publish at least SIX new books in 2016!

Our goal is to spend the bulk of our time working on projects that can help thousands of people.

Because of these exciting commitments, we’re not able to respond to individual emails asking for advice, pitching guest posts (which we don’t accept anyway), or requesting that we join your service/buy your stuff/post your link/run your ads/etc.

But we don’t want to leave you high and dry, so read on for how we can still help you!

The Books, Checklists & Courseware in the Shop

We have written a load of books in response to common questions, situations, or issues most freelancers face. You can find these in the Renegade Writer Store, along with a couple of helpful checklists for writers, and some of our popular e-courses in (cheaper!) e-book format.

The Freelance Writers Den

If you have questions or need support, Linda recommends you join the Freelance Writers Den, a community of over 1,400+ writers that includes free resources like e-books, weekly webinars, classes, plus a forum where you can get your questions answered by Den Mother Carol Tice and a host of other experienced moderators. The Den is open to new members only a few times per year, so be sure to get your name on the waiting list if you’re interested!

The Renegade Writer Blog

Also, we tend to get the same questions a lot, so please do search the Renegade Writer Blog using Google. That way, you’ll be able to easily find answers on how much you should bid for a freelance assignment, whether you should simultaneously submit queries, when to follow up with editors, what to do if you don’t have clips, whether you need to interview experts for your query letter, what counts as a reprint, and more.

There are over 150 “You Ask, I Answer” posts on the blog (click on the drop-down categories menu in the right sidebar to select them), so chances are we already answered your question!

Free Goodies

We also offer a free checklist for writers and occasional free samples of our books right here. No strings attached! We don’t want your email address and you don’t need to sign up for anything. Really!

The FastSpring Helpdesk

If you ordered a product from the Renegade Writer Store and it never arrived or you’re having trouble downloading/opening it, please contact our digital products distributor, FastSpring, at or 1-805-409-9008. As they say on their website, “FastSpring is here for you and your business every step of the way — and our award-winning customer service extends to your customers as well. With FastSpring, you can always count on constant rapid-response support for both your team and your buyers.” We’re not techie types, so FastSpring is a better bet for technical issues regarding a purchase or download.

Thanks again for reading…we look forward to helping you kick butt in writing — and in life!