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Our goal is to spend the bulk of our time working on projects that can help thousands of people. Because of our work and family commitments, we do not respond to individual emails asking for advice, pitching guest posts (which we don’t accept anyway), or requesting that we join your service/buy your stuff/post your link/run your ads/etc. We get dozens of these requests each week and we simply don’t have the time to respond. Thank you for understanding!

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We’ve written a load of books on writing, personal development, and more — not to mention we’ve created courseware and even a meditation. You can find these in the Renegade Writer Store.

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Publishing Opportunities

In short, there are none here. Like we said above, we are not accepting guest blog posts (we took the blog down ages ago!) and we’re not seeking authors to publish under Renegade Writer Press right now. Moreover, we’re not interested in pursuing joint ventures or investing in anything beyond our own books. Thanks for thinking of us, though!

If you still have a question…

If you are a member of the media, please contact our marketing assistant at for interview requests, ARCs, and graphics. He works part-time so response time may lag.

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