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I’m excited to send you my e-book Editors Unleashed: Magazine editors growl about their writer peeves: For this e-book, I interviewed ten (anonymous) editors of national and trade magazines about what writers do that ticks them off. Written in a Q&A format, each chapter includes tips on how to become a writer editors will turn to again and again. You’ll either laugh your butt off at what other writers do (like the one who gave her editor a Chapstick with the writer’s name stuck on it) — or turn red when you realize that you’ve committed some of those same sins. (But don’t worry…they’re easily fixable!) Educational — and entertaining! (55 pp)

Checklist-4BlogYou’ll also get a free copy of our special checklist 50 Ways to Build Your Freelance Writing Business Today — No Matter How Much Time You Have. This beautifully designed checklist offers up 50 actions you can take, divided up into how much time they take. Find the right section depending on the time you have available, randomly choose one of the actions, and do it. Youâ??ll be that much closer to a thriving freelance writing career.

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