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Looking to break into freelance writing — or just live a fun, exciting, fulfilling life? (Who isn’t?) Here are some yummy goodies for you…and you don’t need to give us your email address, fill in your name, promise us your firstborn, or anything else. Just download and enjoy!

Free Sample of Money Shots: How to Save Cash on Your Coffee Habit — While Still Feeling Full & Satisfied

Money Shots - Em Dash - High ResolutionIf you buy one latte from a café on your way to work every day, at the end of the year you’ll have spent $1,200. Imagine what else you could have done with that cash! Money Shots offers unconventional, counterintuitive tips on how to save money on your coffee fix, plus custom-created recipes for a 54-cent latte, a 69-cent pumpkin spice latte, and more.

Want a taste of Money Shots before you commit to plunking down your hard-earned cash on it? We hear you. Here’s a PDF sample that includes the Table of Contents, a sample chapter, and a sample recipe. Drink up!

Download a Sample of Money Shots

Free Checklist for Writers

build your freelance businessWe’re excited to offer you a free copy of our special checklist 50 Ways to Build Your Freelance Writing Business Today — No Matter How Much Time You Have. This beautifully designed checklist offers up 50 actions you can take, divided up by how much time they take. Find the right section depending on the time you have available, randomly choose one of the actions, and do it. You’ll be that much closer to a thriving freelance writing career.

Download 50 Ways to Build Your Freelance Writing Business Today!

Free Sample of How to Do It All

How to Do It All - High ResolutionHow about a free sample of Linda’s book How to Do It All: The Revolutionary Plan to Create a Full, Meaningful Life — While Only Occasionally Wanting to Poke Your Eyes Out With a Sharpie? This book will show you how to live a life that you’ll look back on with pride instead of regret, whether you dream of traveling, volunteering, starting a side hustle, looking great every day, entertaining more, creating an amazing home, writing a novel, or finishing a marathon.

This is the book that scored a glowing review from mega-popular YouTube vlogger and Emmy award-winning TV news anchor Dominique Sachse. Download your sample below and start living large!

Download a Sample of How to Do It All!

Free Housekeeping Checklist

nitpickysmallforwebFall cleaning, spring cleaning, deep cleaning because you have 50 guests descending on your home for a holiday party. It’s all the same to us. What’s also the same-old-same-old is that you may be missing the little things that make a home really sparkle. [*Raises hand.*]

We compiled a beautiful printable list of the top 78 nitpicky things you may be missing in your cleaning, from window wells to the crossbars on your chairs. You probably won’t want to lick every surface in your home once you’ve cleaned using this list, but you will definitely be able to.

Download the Printable from This Page!

Enjoy these goodies and do check back, as we change them when we have a new product or book to share!