Freelance Writing Success Coaching Sample Note

As part of your Freelance Writing Success Coaching, I’ll send you a brief recap after each call of what we talked about and the Success Plan we developed. This is the note I sent my client Katy after our first 30-minute session. (We developed the Success Plan during the second session.)

Did you miss the audio file of the session? Take a listen on this page.

Hi, Katy! It was so great working with you today. As a recap, we talked about:

  • Going from an hourly rate to a project rate that incorporates a higher hourly fee. That could help free up time and mental space to go after passion projects that might not pay as much (at least at first); you’ll be earning more without spending more time, and you may experience a shakeout where you end up with only higher-paying clients as the lower-payers drop out.
  • Asking your one client if they really need all the data about hours, etc.
  • Disconnecting “hours worked” with “rate earned” in your mind. Remember, clients are not paying for hours — they’re paying for your years of skill-building that allows them to save time, earn more profits, attract more customers, etc.
  • For those clients who want/need to be quoted an hourly rate, raising your hourly rate. (You could tell them you’re raising your hourly rate to X for new clients, but because they’re loyal clients, for them it will only go up to Y for now.)
  • Connecting with the writer you met to figure out if there are other local writers; check out for freelance writers’ groups; look into networking meetings through BNI (, Chamber of Commerce, etc.
  • Turning your blog into a landing place for editors and other clients, just so you have a little spot on the web; you could add an “About Me” page and a “Hire Me” page.
  • Removing the dates from your blog posts so it won’t matter if you don’t update for a while.
  • Getting in touch with the friend who may have a medical writing gig.
  • For travel writing, thinking about ideas involving places you visit on vacation or where you live.
  • Picking up a copy of Writer’s Market Canada.

You might want to do the easy things on this list, and the ones that are more complicated we can add to the Success Plan, which we’ll work on when we talk next.

I also wanted to send you a copy of The Renegade Writer’s Query Letters That Rock, since you asked about queries. You can download that here (please don’t share this link!):

[download info deleted]

Email me if you have any questions or want to share your wins. Talk to you again in a couple weeks!


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