Monthly Archives: April 2009

Tax Day cheer

It’s tax day here in the U.S., so for my stateside readers, here’s a video clip that will bring a smile to your face before you head out to the post office or write a check for some obscene amount to the Department of Treasury, something to remind yourself that people have no sell-by dates. (Sorry I can’t embed it; it’s disabled on YouTube.) Actually, when I watched Susan Boyle sing, I did more than smile; I actually cried a little. Hey, I’m a big softie. Enjoy! (My British readers have probably seen this show/clip, but I’m not sure how popular it is here in America.)

My noontime guilty pleasure … gone

Don’t laugh, but one of the highlights of my workday is settling down on the couch at noon (I work at home) with my bowl of vegetarian soup, flax crackers, and mug of herb tea to watch You Are What You Eat on BBC America. But when I tuned in this Monday, they’d replaced my hour of poo analysis and junk food banquet tables (if you watch the show, you know what I mean) with some show that’s a cross between How Clean is Your House and Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, wherein a hospitality expert exposes the filth she finds in hotel rooms. Boo!

Tell me I’m not the only YAWYE addict out here. I know Gillian Mackeith gets a lot of flack about her medical qualifications and how she treats her subjects (quite rudely!), but watching the show makes me never want to eat things like hot dogs, pork rinds, and gummy bears ever again.

At least it’ll still be on weekends at noon.