Monthly Archives: October 2009

Bob Kraft an Anglophile?

Who knew Bob Kraft was such an anglophile, enough of one so that the New England Patriots’ owner might be purchasing a share in an English football team, Liverpool? The Pats are playing Tampa Bay this weekend at Wembley, so the Telegraph quoted Kraft yesterday:

” ‘I’ve been to Ladies’ Day at Ascot, dressed in a top hat and tails and feeling like a turkey. But I’ve never been to Wembley. That’s the ‘Mecca’; what a thrill it is to be going to an institution that is very special to the English people.

” ‘We don’t have anything in America that’s a ‘Mecca’. I don’t think the players fully understand it, but they will when they’re there.’ ”

Sounds like Kraft will fit in nicely. Even if he does feel like a turkey.