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Stir-up Sunday, November 22

This Sunday is Stir-up Sunday in the UK, the traditional day that families make their Christmas pudding. Stir-up Sunday is always the Sunday before Advent begins.

We won’t be doing a Christmas pudding this year, the main reason being that I’m the only one around here who’ll eat it. I’m now a vegetarian, and a Christmas pudding without eggs and butter or suet just doesn’t sound right, so I’ll stick to clementines.

Here are some links to articles (with recipes) about Stir-up Sunday. Let me know if you decide to make a Christmas pudding this weekend.

How to make a Christmas pudding (with video)– Times Online

Xanthe Clay’s countdown to Stir-up Sunday — the Telegraph

Traditional Christmas pudding — Delia Smith online

Rich Christmas pudding (uses vegetarian suet) — BBC Online

How to make suet — from

Elizabeth I miniatures to be auctioned

For the anglophile who has everything: later this month, two miniature portraits of Elizabeth I and her lover Robert Dudley are expected to fetch £80,000 at auction according to the Telegraph.

The portraits, which date back to 1575, were painted to commemorate the end of their longstanding love affair. Don’t we all get portraits done of our ex-boyfriends?

What fascinates me about these miniatures is not the price, but the detail. They’re less than an inch high!