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Cookery Books: Britain’s Gift to America

As many of you know, by day I’m a professional writer, so it’s especially thrilling when I can write about my obsessions (cookbooks, Anglophilia) for a publication I adore. Today, a piece I wrote about my obsession with British cookbooks is up on The Atlantic‘s Food Channel. Enjoy!

Want to learn how to social climb in England? Hire English Mentors

I thought it was a joke when I read in the Daily Mail that the Duchess of York participated in an advertisement for English Mentors, a service that promises to help children of foreigners fit into upper-crust British society.

It’s no joke, folks. This venture has a website, which includes details about the mentoring they offer, as well as must-see video. (Love the military guy!) If you’ve got an extra £100,000 sitting around, you can pack off your nose-picking Dmitri or chavvy Brittny to an English country house where a member of the British aristrocracy will show them the proper way to dine, dress, interview for boarding school, and stumble out of Mahiki at 3:15 a.m. without looking bleary eyed. Well, that last one I made up, but you get the idea. Around the halfway mark, I fully expected John Cleese to step in with, “And now for something completely different …”

Here’s a link to the video for English Mentors. Let me know what you think. I loved the little slip of Manchester United near the end of the vid — was this a subliminal message for the Beckhams and the Rooneys to sign their kids up pronto? Or children of Russian oligarchs or Arab sheiks need only apply?