Monthly Archives: March 2017

March forecast

Seventy degrees earlier in the week here in Boston. Today: 12 degrees (that’s Fahrenheit). Insane!

Life is chugging along here at La Casa Hail Britannia. My knitting/sewing productivity has dropped over the last few months as I’ve had to spend more time helping my stepfather manage my mother’s affairs due to her declining health. Going through this experience is tough, but it has also given me some valuable insight into how I live my own life. My mother and I have very different personality types to begin with, which adds to the drama. Illness has brought out her anger and unhappiness, which she takes out on those closest to her, which is mostly my stepfather, with me coming in at a close second.  Luckily I get on well with him, which makes things a LOT easier for both of us.

People have always told me things like, “Wait’ll your kid is a teenager … you’ll see how hard it is.” But I have to say dealing my fifteen-year-old is a cakewalk compared to dealing with my 75-year-old mother. My only complaint with him is he could take his studies a little more seriously, change his bedsheets more often, and eat more vegetables. On the rare days he misbehaves, I can still send him to his room, but I can’t do that with my mom. 😉

All this has made me realize that I need to take better care of myself. All my life I’ve had insanely low blood pressure, but recently, it has creeped up into the high normal range, so I’m working to get that back down with exercise, stress reduction exercises, and healthier eating. I’ve never been a big fan of fast food, so it was scary to me to see how often I was eating it driving back and forth to Connecticut. Now I pack food to take with me so I don’t have to resort to “grab and go” eating. And on weekends I’m turning off the electronics and focusing on my own immediate family, exercise, and creative projects, which has been a godsend for my mental health. By the time I post this, my husband and I will have gone to the movies (Lion), had a dinner date (Legal Seafood), and knock wood, I will have finished the last bits on my denim shirt project (photo below, details TK).

What I’m going to do here is create a goal list for the month of projects I want to work on and finish. I feel like that will keep me on track and provide fewer opportunities for distraction. So here goes:

In March I will:

  • Finish my Grainline Archer denim shirt, which just needs hemming and buttonholes


  • Sew Butterick B6296 pajama set using fabric below:

  • Finish knitting my sister-in-law’s socks from yarn we bought together in Munich last summer (I work on these when I’m waiting in the car for my son or at the doctor’s office with my mother):

  • Finish knitting this Candide cardigan, a pattern from the early 1960s with lovely olive green DK weight wool I bought on sale at Hub Mills/Classic Elite Yarns years ago. A stash buster sweater!

  • And, if I have time, sew a pair of trousers for myself with green fabric of indeterminate cotton/poly content I purchased at the $2.99 Fabric Store in Auburn and a cream-colored turtleneck for next winter using a TNT (tried and true) OOP (out of print) Kwik Sew pattern.

Typing that out and looking through my project piles cracks me up because my ambitions clearly outpace my reality! I’ll check back in as projects get accomplished. : )