Phone Mentoring for Writers

Want one-on-one help from a successful freelance writer? I’m here to help you reach your freelancing goals. Through personalized Skype or phone sessions, I can help you with:

  • Getting your freelance business set up
  • Breaking in: Magazine writing, blogging, copywriting, and content writing
  • Marketing: Queries, letters of introduction, cold calls and more
  • Productivity/time management
  • Article writing
  • Idea generation
  • General freelancing issues
  • For mid-career writers: Getting to the next level and increasing your writing income
  • For advanced writers: Breaking through the income barrier…from good to great!
  • More!

I offer help customized to your unique needs; before every session, I send you a form to fill out that tells me who you are, what you’re looking for, and where you need the most help. I want you to get the most out of every session!

What others are saying…

“When I decided I wanted to get serious about freelancing, I was overwhelmed by all of the information out there and had no idea where to start. After a phone mentoring session with Linda, I had a clear plan of what I needed to do and action items to get me started. Her advice paid off—within a week, I’d gotten positive feedback from an editor at a national magazine on a story idea Linda helped me polish. In a little over a month, that same editor gave me the green light on the article, which is going to pay $1.25 per word and be the main editorial for an upcoming issue. Had I not gotten the direction I needed from Linda, I’m sure I’d still be stuck wondering what to do.”
–Amanda Gleason

“Thanks a million for your time & insights on the mentoring call. You were able to get right to the core of the things I’ve been struggling with most — and even helped me pinpoint what I was struggling with (which in some cases, I was relieved to discover, wasn’t what I thought it was.) I did mind maps right after our call to really imprint all the great insights from today.

The week after my mentoring call, a current client approached me for an estimate on a new project. Thanks to your advice on how to value my time and expertise in a new way, I was able to shift the estimating conversation from a ‘quantity’ discussion around dollars per hour, to a deliverables-based estimate that takes into account my expertise; doesn’t penalize me for working efficiently; and effectively allows me to earn more for my work and time.”
–Jen Larson Roesler

“Just wanted to check in and tell you how much I appreciate what I learned from our phone mentoring sessions! The practical tips you shared have helped tip me over the edge and into paying writing gigs. I might not be a household name, but my writing is now my main source of income.”
–Jenny Schermerhorn

“I’ve been freelancing for three years, but as a mom of a toddler I wanted to figure out how to earn more money in less time. Linda helped me improve my letter of introduction and brainstorm ways of balancing freelancing with parenting. I sent my LOI to 10 trade publications that week, received four positive responses within days, and have already completed assignments for two of them. I also arranged shared childcare with another work-from-home mom, and got the name of Linda’s transcriptionist, so now I have more time to get my work done. Linda was supportive and encouraging and provided the constructive criticism and gentle pressure I needed to take my freelancing career to the next level.”
–Leila Meyer

“The phone mentoring session was amazing! Linda answered all of my questions, and she gave me a lot of great advice on how to work more efficiently. She really helped me to get unstuck. Just a few days later, I landed an assignment with Spry magazine. I was thrilled. I would recommend the phone mentoring session to any newbie freelance writer.”
–Gail Short

“Linda helped me so much during the course of three conversations. I started out confused and overwhelmed by all the information out there on how to start a freelance writing career. Linda taught me to identify my strengths and make a list of query ideas. Then she gave me lots of advice on letters of introduction and writing queries. I got my first paid assignment before we finished our three sessions! Linda motivated me to get going and climb out of my self imposed quicksand of too much studying and not enough action. I know the next time I get bogged down I can talk to Linda and get a jumpstart, and that is an awesome motivator in itself. Thanks, Linda!”
–Mary Meredith Drew

“Being a new writer means being 75 different kinds of freaked out. Linda takes her clients’ fear of writing professionally and turns it on its head. She helps her clients to approach their careers with logic and insight. She communicates clearly, and comes across as committed and engaged in her clients’ success. I highly recommend hiring her, or at the very least following her blog religiously!”
–Ann Halsig

“Linda’s mentoring helped me 1. Find the confidence I was missing 2. Devise a clear marketing strategy and 3. Define exactly what I wanted out of a freelance writing career so that I could achieve it. Whether you want support, constructive advice, or a kick in the pants, Linda’s mentoring is a valuable investment for yourself and your business.”
–Meaghan O’Keeffe

“You’re good! I talked to you on what—Tuesday? And have a positive response (copied and pasted below) by Thursday! Holy cow, that’s the fastest any advice I’ve ever received has worked.”
–Karen Scott

“Linda flat-out rocks! She re-ignited my passion, fueled new ideas and provided clarity on how to bump up the success quotient for my copy coaching and freelance writing business. In one hour with Linda I got more ideas than I can possibly implement over the next three to six months.”
–Jan O’Daniel,

“Being mentored by Linda Formichelli has changed my life. In the past, I’d start a project, but as soon as I hit an obstacle, I’d give up. The result is that for eight years, I’d end up writing for local markets again and feeling like a failure. Since having Linda on my team—and that’s what it feels like, I have a coach to helps me stay in the game or get back in the game if I get discouraged — I’ve actually sent queries, not just written them and let them languish, to major national magazines. Today, I know today it is just a matter of time before an editor accepts one of these story proposals and now, instead of feeling discouraged when I hit a snag, I know where to go for help and suggestions. Today, I feel confident that I will reach my goal of writing for national magazines. As Linda says, it’s just a matter of time.”
–Dianna O’Brien

“Linda’s blog, the Renegade Writer, is daily food for thought. When I decided to work with her for a one hour phone session, she completely surpassed my expectations. She had reviewed my answers to her questions and had many suggestions for how to proceed. She offered a completely different set of markets and strategy than I had previously been pursuing. I feel empowered, unstuck, and energized. I would recommend Linda’s services without hesitation to anyone considering launching a freelance business this year.”
–Elizabeth Alton

“In one half-hour telephone session, Linda covered a lot of ground—she answered all of my questions, offered specific, detailed advice and gave me some fantastic tips and resources. As a freelancer who has experience but is ready to move to the next level, it was a huge boon to be able to speak with someone so knowledgeable and so willing to share her insights. Exactly what I needed!”
–Fiona Kirk

“In just one session with Linda, I came away with renewed vigor and optimism after a period of stalling and self-doubt. Linda has a way of communicating that is open and fresh; her listening skills and ability to empathize and share her own stories are essential traits of a good mentor. I know who to call next time I need a helping hand!”
–Sheryl Kraft

“In just a half hour session, Linda distilled years of information in a way that was instantly accessible. I started getting paying assignments in just ten days after following through on just one of many suggestions! Although I am a seasoned writer and have had my name in print, getting insider tips from someone in the know is invaluable.”
–Yael Grauer

“I was hoping Linda would offer practical advice, encouragement and insider information during our 30-minute conversation — and wow did she deliver! Linda answered all my questions and then some, as well as helping me focus on my freelance goals and create a plan to move forward. Exactly what I needed!”
–Carol Heffernan

Are we a good fit?

We are if you’re:

  • Motivated
  • Willing to work your butt off
  • A good writer
  • Willing to try new things
  • Ready to work and get your writing out there even though you may be afraid or under-confident

Are we NOT a good fit?

I am probably not the mentor for you if:

  • You’re paralyzed by fear
  • Your writing skills are lacking (I’m not a grammar coach!)
  • You’re broke and desperate to make money FAST (It takes time and hard work!)
  • You’re not willing to put in the time and effort to market yourself
  • You’re happy to churn out lots of writing at $10 per article (I teach you how to make good money doing quality writing)

I offer two mentoring solutions to fit your needs!

1. A La Carte Mentoring

Want a Skype (or phone) call or two to hash out a plan, boost your marketing skills, learn the freelancing ropes, or something else? You can sign up for an hour-long call for $195. 

2. Premium Monthly Mentoring Package

Looking for more intensive hand-holding and accountability—a complete package to get you up and running (or to bring your freelancing to the next level)? My Premium Monthly Mentoring Package includes:

  • Three 1-hour Skype (or phone) sessions
  • A website and query critique
  • Email support
  • My Write for Magazines E-Course in e-book format
  • A set of Renegade Writer e-books: The Renegade Writer: A Totally Unconventional Guide to Freelance Writing Success; Write Your Way Out of the Rat Race…And Step Into a Career You Love; Commit: How to Blast Through Problems & Reach Your Goals Through Massive Action; and The Renegade Writer’s Query Letters That Rock
  • My Query Letter Checklist and Writing Assignment Checklist

Your investment for the Premium Monthly Mentoring Package: $900.

Interested in a phone mentoring session (or a package)? I’m accepting new clients starting in late May, 2016. Email me at to secure your spot!