I made a Writing Assignment Checklist for you (and it’s as cheap as the Query Tracker one!)

Trying to make a decision

A couple weeks ago I created a Query Writing Checklist, and it flew off the virtual shelves! Then, while on a road trip (I do my best thinking while driving), I was like—Duh, Linda! Now writers will need a checklist to use when they're working on a writing assignment! (You know, the assignment they got using ...


What Can Your Client Afford to Pay? The Answer: Who Cares?

Money Dollar

I received such a wonderful response to last week's post Why You Should Charge What You Like & Not Feel Bad About It. Thank you! After doing more considering on the issue of how much writers (and other freelancers/entrepreneurs) should charge for their products and services, I have a few more thoughts I'd like to ...


I created this Query Writing Checklist for you…and it’s super cheap!

Dawn Witzke-checkmark

Whether you're pitching your idea to a magazine, a website, or a blog -- there's so much to think about and remember when you write and send a query letter: Is my idea timely? Is my idea relevant to enough of the pub's readers? What sources should I approach about a pre-interview? Oh man, what was that source's email ...


When in Doubt, Pitch

Trying to make a decision

Right now we're in the middle of a session of my Write for Magazines class, and I'm getting these questions/statements a lot from students: How much should I research a magazine before I know it's a good market for my idea? Right now it's taking me hours. I want to pitch this publication, but I can't find ...

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Why You Should Charge What You Like & Not Feel Bad About It

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A couple weeks ago I sent an email to my Renegade Writer subscribers letting them know I'm thinking about offering a four-week Pitch Challenge where writers would need to send out eight unique queries in four weeks to be eligible for prizes. And I mentioned I was thinking of a price of $150. A very nice ...