Are You a Writing Fangirl…Or a REAL Writer? 7 Ways to Know


Are You a Writing Fangirl...Or a REAL Writer? 7 Ways to Tell We writers can spend hours every day thinking, dreaming, talking, and ruminating about writing. We love what we do! But when we use these activities (and I'm loath to even call them "activities") as substitutes for actually writing...that's a problem. We leave the realm of ...


Why Writers Should Be Imperfect: An Interview with Stephen Guise [Podcast & PDF]


Stephen Guise is the author of the new book How to Be an Imperfectionist, and I was excited to be able to interview him for The Renegade Writer...because we writers often let perfectionism keep us from getting out work out there. In this interview, you'll learn: The difference between chance and failure How confidence = comfort Why quantity is ...


Want to reuse your writing to get more gigs? Sorry.


Ethics is in the air! (I can see you right now saying, “Um, what?”) By that I mean Carol Tice’s and my 4-Week J-School Audit is on sale until July 30 (a BIG welcome to the 80 of you who have signed on so far!) -- and we have a whole lesson on journalism ethics. And ...


Renegade Writer Interview with Jordan Rosenfeld on the Value of Persistence for Writers [Podcast & PDF]

Jordan Rosenfeld Cover

Jordan Rosenfeld is the author of the new book A Writer’s Guide to Persistence: How to a Create a Lasting and Productive Writing Practice, and I was excited to be able to spend 30 minutes with her discussing: How editors and agents want to be seduced -- they WANT to say yes! -- and how many ...


Typo to an Editor? Here’s How to Unsend an Email


This post is from this week's Monday Motivations for Writers email. To get these emails in your inbox, plus a free e-book and checklist for writers, you can sign up here. Ever send a query to an editor and realize -- too late -- that you had a typo in the lede? Or accidentally hit "Reply ...