How to Work Less and Earn More as a Freelance Writer

In 2009, I started researching and experimenting with ways to work less and earn more with my writing. I started out by vowing to work only two days per week. It worked -- and I'll tell you how in a bit. Since 2009, my schedule has settled to 30 hours per week or less; more than before ...


What It Means When Your Writing Is Rejected


This is an excerpt from Write Your Way Out of the Rat Race...And Step Into a Career You Love, which is Pay What It's Worth (meaning YOU choose what to pay) in the Renegade Writer Store. I just did a rough count, and what I have to tell you isn't pretty: Between 1996 and 2015 I sent ...


Why I killed my social media accounts (+ why you may want to too…and what to do instead)


This post originally ran as this week's Monday Motivation for Writers email. If you'd like to get an email full of writing advice and insights in your inbox every Monday, plus two free e-books for writers, you can join here. Also, this email generated a TON of great responses, and many of them had helpful insights that ...


How a Tiny Buddha Keeps Growing: An Interview with Lori Deschene About Blogging, Book Authoring, and Beating Writer Stress

Tiny Buddha Cover

I was so happy to be able to talk with Lori Deschene. As the founder of Tiny Buddha, she's helped more than 1,200 people (including me!) share their stories and lessons with more than 60 million readers (as of June, 2015). She's the author of Tiny Buddha: Simple Wisdom for Life's Hard Questions, Tiny Buddha's ...


Results of the Pay What It’s Worth E-Book Experiment

A subliminal message about how much you would like to pay for each book. :)

A week ago, Diana and I decided to try an experiment: All the e-books in the Renegade Writer Store (except one) would become Pay What It's Worth, meaning you, the reader, decide what to pay for each one based on the value it has for you and your career. The minimum price was $1 because that’s ...