Become a Confident Freelance Writer

Become a Confident Freelance Writer -- By Linda Formichelli and Diana BurrellKindle, $1.99
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One of the biggest challenges freelance writers face isn’t lack of talent or knowledge, but a profound lack of self-confidence.

Linda Formichelli and Diana Burrell, co-authors of the cult classic Renegade Writer titles, noticed that confidence levels in their students were actually inversely proportional to the amount of talent they had—that is, the most talented, able-bodied writers were the least confident about their abilities!

Linda and Diana offered a teleseminar called “Become a Confident Freelance Writer,” which offered ten motivating tips to help build confidence so writers could achieve the success they dreamed about. That teleseminar ended up becoming their most popular and well-attended.

Attendees and those who couldn’t make the call begged for a transcript—and here it is! In this short e-book, you’ll learn:

    • The good news about what editors think of you. (Hint: They often don’t at all!)
    • How to beat the curse of perfectionism.
    • How to gain confidence when you have no money coming in.
    • How pretending you’re confident can make it happen.

… and more!

This is a transcript of the actual seminar, which means the authors have done minimal editing.The ums and ahs have been removed, the transcriptionist’s spelling has been corrected, and sentences that were muffled and/or confusing on tape were rewritten. Otherwise, it’s a faithful rendition of the one-hour seminar.