Commit: How to blast through problems and reach your goals through massive action -- By Linda Formichelli

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We humans have a big problem.

We have exciting goals and dreams, but we feel stuck. We spend a lot of time thinking about the actions we need to take, but don’t actually do them consistently. We then become overwhelmed with our day-to-day lives and let our dreams languish…and we settle for lives of mediocrity and regret instead of happiness, joy, and success.Or, we have issues that keep us from being our best selves, but don’t have the energy or problem-solving know-how to defeat them. Money woes. Relationship issues. Health problems. And more.

And sometimes, we experience both situations: Dying dreams and too many problems.

Can you relate?

Thinking small—living inside the box, keeping our greatness inside us—is what consigns us to this life of what-ifs and if-onlys. If we have big dreams and big problems, we need to go after them in a big way. That’s what Commit is all about.

Committing is taking massive action to solve a problem or reach a goal. It’s pretty much the opposite of the baby-steps approach. When you Commit, you do whatever it takes to make happen what you want to happen. You can use one giant, crazy, unbelievably powerful tactic, but it’s even more effective to combine several tactics at the same time — which we discuss in this self-help e-book.

Committing is also about gathering so many resources and so much support that you can’t go wrong. In the e-book, we talk about hiring help, creating accountability, and amassing the resources you need to get off to a mighty start. In this concise and actionable personal development e-book, you’ll also find details on how to prepare for your Commit practice…how to troubleshoot common problems…and 20 ideas for reaching your goal or solving your problem through massive action.

Commit isn’t one of those woo-woo motivation e-books whose helpfulness ends once you close the book…it contains actionable advice with real-world examples based on people’s most common goals: Losing weight, starting a business, earning more money, finding a partner, healing a relationship, learning a language, and more. Each section boasts an assignment that you can do right then before reading on, so that by the end of the book you’ll have your Commit plan rolling.

One freelance writer used her Commit practice to line up $29,700 worth of freelance writing jobs in one month!

Tired of just wishing you had what it takes to start that business, get fit, find the love of your life, learn a new skill, go back to school…and more? Self-improvement starts with Commit.

“Your book is terrific! Really inspiring but also so actionable–such a tough combo, I think, but you nailed it.” —Sarah S., editor at Redbook