Positive Thinking for Writers – Meditation Podcast

Positive Thinking for Writers Meditation Podcast

By Linda Formichelli; voiced and produced by Elaine Appleton Grant (MP3 Download)



What we think about every day…we attract into our lives. So it makes sense, when thinking about our writing lives, to keep our thoughts positive and joyful. But that can be hard!

Linda has been using a positive thinking guided meditation for years and finds it immensely helpful…so she created this one just for writers and had it produced and voiced by a former public radio broadcaster. This meditation offers soothing music…nature sounds…and of course, guidance that will help you reach a deep state of relaxation and imagine (and create!) your best writing life.

In this relaxing, inspiring, and motivational meditation, you’ll be guided to envision:

  • Your perfect writing space.
  • Your best writing practice.
  • A confident, joyful attitude towards writing and marketing.
  • An abundant financial picture, with assignments and checks rolling in.
  • And more!

“Once again, you’ve delighted me with a product. I just downloaded and listened to your meditation for writers (oh, and I paid $25, knowing it would be worth every penny), and I LOVE it.” —Debbie Curtis

When you purchase this meditation, you’ll get an email with a download link for an mp3 sound file that you can upload to most devices…or listen to it on your laptop. Enjoy!