The Renegade Writer’s Ultimate Guide to Marketing Your Freelance Writing

The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Your Freelance Writing: 27 Riffs from the Renegade Writer Blog on how to earn more doing what you love -- By Linda Formichelli

Kindle, $1.99

We compiled and updated the very best posts on marketing from the Renegade Writer blog. Learn the secrets that help successful freelancers sell more of their writing. Including:

  • The little extras that will make an editor love your query.
  • How to impress an editor with your credentials — even if you have no clips.
  • How to market your writing without having to send query letters. (And why I haven’t sent a query since 2010!)
  • What editors and clients wish you knew about connecting with them on social media.
  • How to sell more articles by being yourself – The top mistakes writers make that doom their article ideas.
  • How to leverage client compliments to get more work.
  • How to land more assignments by sneaking around the writer’s guidelines – Using your superpower as a writer to get editors and clients to say YES.
  • And much more!