Get the Gig

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If too many of your queries bounce back in your e-mail box with standard-issue rejections from magazine editors, you need to read Get the Gig: 10 Secrets to Writing Better Story Pitches for Magazines by Diana Burrell.

In it, Burrell shares the some of the surprising reasons why pitch letters don’t sell. Even good queries sometimes fall prey to a magazine’s whims, which is why you shouldn’t take rejections personally–often the decision to pass on an idea has very little to do with the writer and more to do with the magazine!

Yet there are many actions magazine writers can undertake to ensure their story proposals are as solid as they can be. Get the Gig is broken up into ten easy-to-digest chapters that address everything from curing pitch letters of boring ledes to overcoming editors’ objections about the writer’s suitability for the assignment.

Here’s what readers on Amazon are saying about Get the Gig:

“Diana’s writing style is enjoyable. Her information is on-point, practical, and concise, and I was really pleased to find that the information wasn’t redundant. I hate it when authors recycle information throughout or repeat to pad the book. When you finish this short e-book, you will understand what makes a great query. Great buy! Highly recommend.”

“A quick read with lots of practical tips on researching and writing better queries-written from an in-the-trenches perspective by an experienced freelance writer. Can’t wait to get my queries out and into editors’ hands-I’m feeling more confident after having read this!”

“I loved this book. It’s beyond a beginner’s book, although the info is great for beginning freelancers. I can’t wait to put my new knowledge to work for me. It’s a short book but has lots of useful information.”

Readers will find the same friendly, encouraging voice they loved in the Renegade Writer books. For less than the price of a cup of coffee from your favorite cafe, learn how to write a pitch that gets you the gig.