The Renegade Writer OMNIBUS

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Want to land freelance writing jobs and earn more as a freelance writer?

The Renegade Writer OMNIBUS is a compendium of almost every post published on the popular Renegade Writer blog from 2006-2016. The manuscript was over 1,400 pages long—single-spaced! There’s enough information here on how to land freelance writing jobs to fill several books, all priced as low as a single e-book.

The 1,000+ posts on the blog (most of which are now in this book) cover everything we learned in our two decades as full-time freelance writers, from marketing tips to advice on developing the freelance mindset. We tell it like it is, and share the wonderful ups and the awful downs of the freelance life. We’re not afraid to tell aspiring writers that freelancing is not a quick and easy way to fast cash—it takes resilience, persistence, great writing and marketing skills, dedication, and lots of hard work.

The Renegade Writer blog was a must-read for freelance writers for a decade, garnering over 15,000 unique views each month, winning the Top Ten Blogs for Writers prize multiple times, and being named a “Top 101 Website” by Writer’s Digest Magazine year after year. The Renegade Writer blog has been mentioned in many top-notch publications, such as Ladies’ Home Journal, Copyblogger, and Jon Morrow’s Boost Blog Traffic.

In the Renegade Writer OMNIBUS you’ll find all your fan favorites, like:

  • Why You’re Worth More Than a Penny Per Word
  • My Trick for Writing Difficult Articles
  • Interviews with David Allen (author of Getting Things Done), Laura Vanderkam (author of 168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think), Stephen Guise (author of Mini Habits), Lori Deschene (founder of Tiny Buddha), Dan Baum (former staff writer for The New Yorker), Peter Shankman (founder of Help a Reporter Out), and more.
  • The Story of How I Went from Broke Wannabe Writer to Living the Freelance Life
  • A Hidden Market for Freelance Writers
  • I Reveal My 4 Greatest Screw-Ups as a Freelance Writer (AWK-ward!)
  • Why I killed my social media accounts (+ why you may want to too…and what to do instead)
  • Do You Have an Editor-Repelling Email Address?
  • 8 Ways to Land New Writing Assignments (Not Just Queries!)
  • What Freelance Writers Should Do When They’re Desperate
  • No, Freelance Writer, You DON’T Need a Blog
  • How to Find the Best Sources
  • Clips 101: What They Are (and Aren’t), How to Get Them, and How to Make The Most of Your Clips
  • No Clips? Here Are 6 Ways to Convince an Editor to Hire You Anyway
  • And many, many, MANY other posts!

The posts in this book are in chronological order to give you a sense of how writing, freelancing, and blogging changed over the 10 years of the blog. We did our best to make the formatting consistent, correct any egregious mistakes, and remove most links (since many of them are dead at this point). We also removed some categories of posts, such as posts that were only marketing a book or class; posts announcing contests that are now (obviously) over; link round-ups; and guest posts where we weren’t able to secure reprint permission. We also updated guest posters’ bios where the writers asked for that. Otherwise, this book is a faithful rendition of the Renegade Writer Blog.

Please note that prices, classes, and products mentioned in this book are subject to change. Remember, some of these posts are over 10 years old!

Looking for more freelance writing jobs? You’ll want the insider information we share in this book!