The Renegade Writer: A Totally Unconventional Guide to Freelance Writing Success

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Let two veteran writers show you how to break the rules of freelancing to score the best assignments…and make more money!

You do what you’re told by the experts: You read six months of back issues before pitching ideas. You follow writer’s guidelines. You give editors eight weeks to respond to your queries. You never call editors, and you only interview sources when you’ve got the assignment. You’re doing everything “right,” but your bank account’s dialing 9-1-1.

For over 20 years Linda Formichelli and Diana Burrell have broken the written (and unwritten) rules of freelancing, building successful careers and landing assignments with publications like Redbook, Writer’s Digest, Family Circle, Cook’s Illustrated, The Boston Globe, and more. They pitch magazines they’ve never read, call editors to pitch ideas, research extensively before they even get an assignment, and usually follow their own inclinations rather than the official directions. They’ve negotiated for more money and better terms without risking their careers, learned that editors are not the writer-gobbling monsters many freelancers fear, and established long-term relationships with editors at top publications. In The Renegade Writer, they’ll show you all their tips and tricks so you’ll become the go-to writer editors love.

When the first edition of The Renegade Writer was published in 2003, it helped thousands of magazine writers around the world find more (and better) ideas, break into new (or tough) markets, research and write their articles with more efficiency, and get paid more money…and showed them that the freelance life can be extremely profitable when they use their brains instead of a rule. This third edition includes new “rules” that freelancers should break, updates on the featured writers from our second edition, and new Q&As with successful rule-busting writers.

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Learn how to break the rules to become the successful magazine writer you’ve dreamed of. Become a Renegade today!