Write for Magazines Self-Study Course

By Linda Formichelli

$14.99 here:


If you want to write for magazines but don’t know how to get started — or if you need some motivation to get you going — this course is for you.

In Write for Magazines, you’ll learn from eight helpful lessons, each with resource boxes, links to additional reading, and an assignment that will get you one step closer to sending out a killer query:

  • Lesson 1: Generating Ideas
  • Lesson 2: Finding 5 Markets for Your Idea
  • Lesson 3: Finding the Correct Editors at Your 5 Markets
  • Lesson 4: Setting Up Pre-Interviews
  • Lesson 5: Doing Pre-Interviews
  • Lesson 6: Writing the Title and Lede of Your Query
  • Lesson 7: Writing the Body and Conclusion of Your Query
  • Lesson 8: Getting Your Query Out the Door

So far, students of this course (which launched in June 2005) have landed assignments from Writer’s Digest, Body + Soul, Yankee, GRIT, Woman’s Day, Spirituality & Health, Rhode Island Home, Living & Design, For Me, Body & Brain, Michigan Out-Of-Doors, MyBusiness, Pizza Today, E: The Environmental Magazine, Black Health, Cottage Living, and other magazines.

This is the e-book version of Linda’s popular Write for Magazines e-course, which costs $267 for the supported version. If you’re a self-starter and want to save some money, you’ll want to check out this 82-page e-book — it’s all the materials in the course, all in a handy PDF.