Write Your Way Out of the Rat Race…And Step Into a Career You Love

Write Your Way Out of the Rat Race and Step into a Career You Love -- By Linda Formichelli

Kindle, $2.99

Your boss is a tyrant, your coworkers are intolerable, and all you do every second between 9 am and 5 pm is dream of the day you can quit and do what you really love.

Or maybe you like your job okay, but have always dreamed of becoming a freelance writer.

Write Your Way Out of the Rat Race – And Step Into a Career You Love is an e-book that will help you make the leap from employee to successful freelance writer.

You’ll get 175 pages of information on how to prepare for and launch your freelance career — even while you work a 9-5 job. An expert writer and coach who made the leap in 1997 will show you how to:

  • Know whether you’re really ready to become a freelance writer.
  • Decide whether and how to tell your employer you’re writing on the side.
  • Use the skills you already have from your day job to land your first writing assignments.
  • Save up enough money to make the leap without going broke.
  • Get psyched up to make the jump even if you’re afraid of rejection, failure, success, or whatever.
  • Build a support team to help you through the transition.
  • Find the time to write when you have a day gig and possibly a family.
  • Break into the most common and lucrative forms of freelance writing, from copywriting to magazine writing to blogging.
  • Write query letters, book proposals, and Letters of Introduction that get gigs.
  • Say sayonara to your job without burning bridges.
  • …and more!

“It’s one of the scariest things you’ll ever do: making that decision to go from the (apparent) security of being someone’s employee to calling your own shots as a freelance writer. I know, because I’ve done it. The rewards are fantastic, but it can be a stressful journey to get there.

Luckily for us, Linda Formichelli has written a pragmatic, thorough guide that will make it less scary. It covers the practical stuff (money, work habits, how you’ll find clients) as well as the many challenges that come when you move out of your emotional comfort zone. It’s a terrific resource, and I wish I’d had it back when I first took the leap.”

–Sonia Simone of Copyblogger

You’ll also get exclusive free downloads that will fill in any gaps in your knowledge, from thought leaders like:

  • Copyblogger
  • Jennifer Lawler, owner of BeYourOwnBookDoctor and successful author of more than two dozen traditionally-published books
  • Yours truly–Linda Formichelli, full-time freelance magazine writer, copywriter, and author since 1997

“If you’d like to write for a living, Linda’s practical and fun guide helps you navigate the journey from someday dream to your Monday morning reality.”

–Laura Vanderkam, author of What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast