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Is it hot in here, or is it just us?

That’s What She Said Press is a branch of Renegade Writer Press that specializes in erotica — stories and books featuring steamy sex, unusual protagonists, surprises galore, and plenty of humor. Our authors respect their reader, and know she’s looking for high-quality writing…and smut that’s smart. (You won’t find any hastily written tiger-shifting billionaire erotica here!)

Books from That’s What She Said Press

The Happiest Ending by Frida Wildman
Getting In by Isabella Jones

The Happiest Ending by Frida Wildman

TheHappiestEndingCoverChrista McGuffin is drawn to the spa by an online review promising that masseur Dennis has “magic fingers…and 20,000 helpers.” She doesn’t know what the 20,000 helpers could be, but she’s determined to find out. Christa — ever the perfectionist — is thoroughly unimpressed by the okay-looking Dennis and his weird accent, but he’s got a surprise up his sleeve: a special, crowdsourced brand of sex. Then it all starts to go very, very wrong. Will Christa get her happy ending?

This is an erotic short of 20 pages. You’ll find It contains explicit sexual content and graphic language that may be objectionable to some readers, and is meant for readers 18+.

About the Author: Frida Wildman is a longtime journalist and nonfiction author who writes about sexy stuff on the side. She specializes in erotic short stories that combine plot, smart writing, interesting (some might say weird) protagonists, and lots of hot, hot sex.

Oh, and as you’ll see, she has a thing for Dutch guys.


Getting In by Isabella Jones

GettingInHighResolutionShe’s rich, she’s spoiled, and she’s beautiful…but one thing society girl Amanda Prescott is not is matriculated. Even her father’s millions can’t assure her a place at her mother’s alma mater Lexington College until she participates in an exclusive and secretive college preparatory program that promises to teach more than good study skills. Getting in to Lexington will take more than family money and influence — it’ll take almost everything Amanda’s got. Does she have what it takes to handle the sadistic and mysterious alumna who runs the program, which is really a secretive BDSM club? And when she meets the alum’s equally mysterious billionaire husband, Stefan Angstrom, will his interest in her tempt Amanda to put aside a life built around selfish pleasures to explore what it means to yield?

Getting In is the first novella of a trilogy. Join the mailing list to be the first to know when new books are released! This novella is intended for mature audiences over the age of 18. It contains scenes of graphic m/f, f/f, and BDSM sex.

About the Author: Isabella Jones is a magazine journalist and nonfiction author who likes to write hot fiction. You can learn more about Isabella’s erotic novels and short stories at or visit her publisher at Renegade Writer Press.